Do you want more: Freedom and Income, from your business?

Making your dreams a reality

Remember when you started the business: the day the letterhead arrived and your idea became a reality?
Did you picture a future of freedom? More choice, more time and more money? As time runs on and the work consumes you, it's easy to forget the future you hoped for.
It doesn't have to be that way!
If you keep reading I'm going to show you how you can make that future your reality.

Finding Freedom

Did you go into business to be the next Richard Branson?
Or did you want to break free from a job and culture that held you back?
For every budding Branson, there're dozens of us who just want the freedom to do it our way: do better work and create a better lifestyle. But there's a price to pay for calling the shots. The red tape and responsibilities can hold you back from what you're best at, driving the business forward.
Then one morning you wake up to realise you're earning less money and working longer hours than you did in the job!
Or maybe you've gone beyond that stage, but you're frustrated that you're not even close to reaching your true potential.
If either of these descriptions sounds like you, you are the kind of person we are able to help.

7 goals accountants
7 goals accountants

Base Camp

Getting you to base camp is the absolute minimum you should expect from your business.
Together we'll chart the journey from where the business is today, to the performance and numbers needed to reach base camp:
Income: Absolute minimum is your commercial worth in the market place.
Lifestyle: 40 hours a week, max.Let's get your life back.
Holidays: 4-weeks a year, minimum.No excuses!



Together, we'll map out your vision and your path to achieving it. We'll build a realistic plan with numbers, timescales and actions.
We'll be by your side all the way.
For many business owners, the summit is the creation of a sustainable business which reflects their values.
But more than that, we'll help you build a business that runs, just as well without you. A business you'll be proud to pass on to the next generation. Or alternatively, a business that can be sold for a premium to help fund your retirement.

Free business improvement discovery session

Take back control through greater clarity and focusIdentify the goals and the actions that determine your success
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Does this sound familiar?

In the old days, you met your accountant once a year.
They would hand you a jumble of meaningless numbers and talk at you for half an hour.
Then he'd shake your hand, pass you the bill with a: "see you the same time next year."
Whilst they kept you compliant, they made no contribution to helping you run and improve the business.
Sadly for too many business owners, nothing has changed. Your accountant is a necessary evil, an expensive box ticking exercise.
The tragedy is that buried deep in those accounts is a gold mine of insight and opportunity that makes your life easier and your business work for you.
We've worked in business so we've walked in your shoes and seen through your eyes.
That's why we'll take the time to listen, understand and chart where you want to get to. Working backwards from the lifestyle and business of your dreams, together, we'll build the road map to your goals.
We'll unjumble the numbers and bring you the clarity to make the best possible decisions. And when you need a sounding board we'll be there for you, every time.

Accountants in Bournemouth

The 7 Goals

The building blocks of a successful business

1 The Dream

It all starts with a dream or vision. It’s the reason you go into business.

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2 The Plan

Without a plan you're unlikely to reach your full potential.

3 The Numbers

Only a few numbers really matter in business. We will help you to define them and focus on them.

4 The People

No successful business can grow without hiring and training good people.

5 The Execution

It's the engine room of a business: quality, on-time delivery, productivity, never-ending improvement.

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6 The Sales

Growth comes from Sales, it’s as simple as that.

7 The Exit

The most neglected goal of all.
Selling a successful, profitable business should be the goal of every entrepreneur.

About You

We believe everyone who comes into contact with 7 goals should have a positive experience.
So its only fair to explain who benefits most from working with us. And those who’d be better off with another accountant.

7 goals accountants
7 Goals Accountants

We fit like a glove if:

    You’ve an itch to make a difference. You believe in your work because you have something special to bring to the world.
    You want better. Even if you can’t fully explain what that is. Now you’re ready to work alongside someone to help you find it.
    You’ve seen enough bad to know what good looks like.
    You are open to new ideas and curious to break through to the success you deserve.
    You’ve reached a stage in the business where the fun’s gone and it’s become a job.

We're not for you if:

    Your glass is permanently half empty. And it’s not your fault!
    You’ve cracked the code and have nothing more to learn.
    Your accountant is just another “supplier” – a necessary evil, to do the minimum, for the minimum.
    You believe that if you want something done, you just have to shout loud enough.
    You know the master plan and just need someone to bring you the numbers and hide in the background.

About Us - The Why and the Who

7 goals specialise in helping entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow and develop their full potential.
Naturally, we do all the stuff you expect from an accountant: book keeping, filing your accounts etc etc.  But the people who benefit most from working with us want more than that!
We are not just bean counters - We help business owners make more beans.  (Yes, we mean money, not really beans)  

7 goals accountants

Our Values

  • Sustainability A business is a marathon, not a sprint

  • Giving BackTo make this world a better place  

  • Life long Learning The Japanese call it "Kaizen" or never-ending improvement

Meet Tom

An introduction to Tom Smith our head honcho at 7 Goals.

7 goals accountants

• Tom had a successful career in industry before he created an award-winning accounting business, which he owned for 15 years. He was awarded “Accountant of the Year” and grew his business during the worst recession in 50 years.
• Tom is a Director and Shareholder of a number of highly successful, fast-growing businesses. He’s not just a successful accountant, but also a businessman with a wealth of practical experience.
• Tom has helped a number of clients sell their companies and turn their original dream into serious cash.
• Tom is a Fellow of the Accountants Association of Business Advisors (AABA).
• Tom’s speciality is creating the ‘financial plumbing’ to ensure businesses can grow without running out of cash.

Tom is supported by a committed team of highly skilled professionals in accounting, client service, tax reduction and financial management.

Freedom Packages

The Outsourced FD 

This is the package most of our really successful clients chose.
It gives you the benefit and experience of a Financial Director at a fraction of the cost.
More than that, we can take care of all the financial tasks leaving you free to run and grow the business.


£30k-£40k /p.a.


Well that's up to you.
You talk, we listen and together we build you a comprehensive financial support package.

* 6-monthly Board Meeting plus

* Two 4-hour online business review meetings.

Shoot for the Stars 

This involves regular online meetings, rolling up our sleeves and working with you side by side. 
It's the total service, plotting your route, and keeping you on track.  
Buckle up, this is for clients who want to make things better the business, themselves and their families.  


£995 /month


Everything you get in the Moon package, plus:

Full day strategic review workshop.

Quarterly Board Meetings, including Budget Development, Finance Review and Strategy Development.

Tax Helpline for day to day General Tax Enquiries.

Shoot for the Moon

This is for you if you are confident you have the time and self discipline to make things better without quite as much support.
It will still help you make the progress you want. But it keeps the price down by being a bit less hands-on. 


£395 /month


Everything you get in the Sky package, plus:

Goal alignment: Align your personal and business goals to light the road to the life you want.

Tax Helpline for day to day General Tax Enquiries.

Shoot for the Sky

Everything you should expect as a minimum, from a really good accountant,
In fact we'd go as far as to suggest you shouldn't even consider working with an accountant who doesn't do at least these things for you. It's for you if you want a really good service from a great accountant, but budgets are a bit tight.


£195 /month


For Businesses with a turnover up to £500K. You get much more than the Basics.

All your Compliance Work: Company Accounts, Corporation Tax Return, Payroll etc.

Legal Helpline.

Full Insurance Cover for Tax Investigations.

Comprehensive Strategic Business Review. This meeting alone is worth the fee.

7 Goals Accountancy Services 

All the usual services you'd expect from an accountant


Payroll and Auto-Enrollment

Year-end Accounts

Company Secretary & Incorporation Services

New Business Bank Accounts for Start-up’s 

Personal & Corporation Tax Returns (CT600)

Tax Minimisation Planning


Management Accounts

Free business improvement discovery session

Take back control through greater clarity and focusIdentify the goals and the actions that determine your success
No fee, we're investing in you - Click the button below & book your online or face to face session 

Our Support Team

You deserve the best support that's out there. That's why we are always on the lookout for partners to make your life easier. We are proud to include the organisations below, as key members of our support team.

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